The Committee provides educational programs to meet the professional needs of conference members.  In pursuit of these objectives, the Committee will develop and maintain a centralized data base of speakers and topics.  It will sponsor a minimum of two educational programs per year.  It will act as a liaison between the IRS and State Taxing Authorities, giving them the opportunity to speak at national and chapter meetings.


The mission of the Forward Planning Committee is to prepare ncCPAp’s long range plan, considering what needs to be accomplished, how we will get there and bring new ideas and findings to the board of directors.  The long range plan will consider who we are, where we are currently, and where we want to be in one year, three years, and five years.


The Journal of the CPA Practitioner shall via print, or other means, publish materials that will assist the CPA in the practice of public accounting.  Materials shall include, but are not limited to: Knowledge in the various areas of accounting practice,Management of an accounting practice,the practice environment, Legal issues, and Ethical issues.Furthermore, the Journal will publish news and events of the National Conference of CPA Practitioners, and the views of the conference, members, and others with an interest in the accounting profession.


To present informative programming on a variety of subjects to the small and medium sized practitioner to assist them in creating, expanding, and improving the facets of their professional practice along with the integration of administering the components of their practice in an integrated approach. We also strive to present the importance of interaction of their practice with their personal goals and desired achievements, particularly a work and family social balance. We strive to bring presenters that although have no personal or business marketing ulterior motive are people that have demonstrated mastery of the subject matter. Our ultimate goal is to create a round table discussion interactive format for an exchange of ideas in a non threatening environment, in which we can all gain different perspectives.


The Peer Review Committee’s mission is to help facilitate the peer review program for member firms.

To fulfill its mission, the committee:

  • Evaluates the results of peer reviews conducted on members firms, determines the need for help or education that ncCPAp can provide.
  • Help in the performance of qualified peer reviewers.
  • Provides educational and other assistance to qualified peer reviewers to assure their compliance with the PRP standards.
  • Provides input on matters concerning peer review related areas to the Board of Directors

In performing its mission, the committee is mindful of the profession’s covenant to serve the public interest with integrity and objectivity


Committee is the conference’s primary channel for telling the ncCPAp story.  Activities include news releases, speaking engagements, and website content in support of and coordination with the membership, newsletter, and technical as well as other ncCPAp committees.  The public relations committee builds and enhances a positive image for ncCPAp in the eyes of its membership and accounting community, the Internal Revenue Service and state and local taxing authorities, and governmental bodies as well as the general public.

The Public Relations Committee is accepting new members at this time.  Participating in the Committee’s monthly meetings is an opportunity for accountants to “give back” to the profession while building friendships and extending contacts.  If interested, please contact the National office at 888-488-5400.

ncCPAp National Scholarship Committee

The Scholarship Committee’s mission is to identify and select deserving students and present them with a scholarship to assist in their higher education towards becoming a CPA.  The scholarship program utilizes various mediums to alert potential applicants of the opportunity.  Activities include contact with high school organizations, high school guidance counselors, news releases, membership, newsletter, speaking engagements, and the NCCPAP websites.  The scholarship committee builds and enhances a positive image of CPAs and NCCPAP to the high school and college students.


To alert and protect practicing CPAs with regard to issues that may affect their practice and their clients.

ncCPAp MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE- Maintain, increase and enhance membership