Conflict of Interest Policy

ncCPAp’s directors, officers, committee chairs and/or members, and employees should
not have any personal or business interest that may conflict with their responsibilities to
the Conference. For example, if a director has a client who offers services to the
Conference, he or she should disclose the relationship and recuse himself or herself from
the vote to accept said services.

To this end, the following guidance is provided concerning conflicts of interest:

Each director, officer, committee chair, committee member, and/or employee is required
to fully disclose any interest he or she and/or his or her family has in any entity that does
business with ncCPAp.  Additionally, he or she is required to immediately disclose any
change in the information concerning potential conflicts.

A director, officer, committee chair, committee member, or employee who does have
such an interest, either directly or through family, may not participate in any decision to
approve doing business with said individual or any entity in which said individual has an
interest. Such decision, if the amount of business is less than $1,000, may be made by
the President. If the amount involved is more than $1,000, such decision must be made
by a disinterested majority of the Board of Directors.


As an employee, officer, director, committee chair or committee member of ncCPAp, I
agree to conduct myself in a manner consistent with the Conflict of Interest Policy. By
my signature below, I acknowledge receipt of ncCPAp’s Conflict of Interest Policy and
have read and understand this document. I agree to abide by this policy during the term
of my affiliation. Further, by my signature I am asserting that I have not committed an
act in violation of this policy that has not been previously disclosed to the Ethics
Committee. Nor have I witnessed others involved in activities that are in conflict with
the policy that have not previously been disclosed to the Ethics Committee.