Membership Testimonials

Here’s what our members have to say.

Participation in ncCPAp at the Chapter and National levels provides excellent opportunities for personal and professional development.
– Fred Bachmann, CPA, NJ

ncCPAp is an unbelievable resource – from out-of-state information to a nationally-recognized annual symposium! As a member, I receive quick updates on tax changes and issues that affect my practice.
– Jeffrey Winer, CPA, MA

When I started my own practice I needed resources that I did not have-ncCPAp membership provided me support from day one. There is no other organization that supports small size firms the way ncCPAp does. I can communicate my tax issues with other members and get in depth answers.
– Donald Ingram, CPA, NY

I value my ncCPAp membership for many reasons. The most important is their ability to affect changes in the accounting profession. ncCPAp defeated the XYZ Cognitor, brought PTINs to the IRS and brings changes in tax laws to Congress.
– Frimette Kass, CPA, NY

ncCPAp keeps my firm abreast of Federal tax changes as they are passed. ncCPAp works for me, the practicing CPA specifically! I do not receive that from other organizations.
– Dennis Scott, CPA, NY

ncCPAp is a gem! The depth of knowledge and understanding of current accounting issues is invaluable. I have gained a new perspective and a sense of camaraderie as a result of my membership.
– Walter Koprowski, CPA, NY

As a ncCPAp member, I have contacted, and been contacted, by other members when faced with issues that are not normally handled in our day to day practices to find solutions.
– Neil Fishman, CPA, FL

As a long time member of ncCPAp, I have made use of the organization’s many benefits. I have enjoyed and learned from the Continuing Education Programs especially through it’s sponsorship of the Long Island Tax Practitioners Symposium-this three day event with a variety of courses and speakers has been a great benefit to our firm. I most value the friendships and ability to interact with my peers at monthly chapter meetings.
– Frank Beltrani, CPA, NY

My tenure with ncCPAp began shortly after its formation. I was a CPA starting my own practice with no experience as a sole practitioner and found ncCPAp organizers were helpful and full of good advice. As a senior member of ncCPAp, I try to give back to the organization by assisting other practitioners in any way I can. It is gratifying to hear from someone who has benefited from something I imparted to him/her.
– Peter Ciccone, CPA, NY

I joined ncCPAp many years ago, after a practitioner recommended the organization to me.  We are all competitors, but the competition is not apparent at the monthly Chapter meetings I attend. There is an atmosphere of friendliness and a desire to help each other. I have called and been called by many members with technical questions related to my specialty. We exchange information and research guidance to teach each other. The desire to help each other makes p very special organization.
– Bob Markman, CPA, New York

ncCPAp has helped develop, increase and improve the quality of my practice. Being active within the organization enables me to interact with other practitioners nationwide who specialize in certain fields. Also through active participation, I have made individual contact with the IRS and State Tax Departments that have proven invaluable. If you want to build a better practice, the resources and support are at ncCPAp.
– Vito Mastro, CPA, NY

ncCPAp Membership is a huge benefit for the small practitioner! Attending their monthly meetings has enhanced my knowledge of the accounting profession. I am not an expert on all issues but having my fellow CPAs nearby to call to answer my questions is something I find very beneficial!
– Alan Tepper, CPA, NY

As a partner in a small CPA firm, the value of information, education and networking with other ncCPAp member firms has been largely responsible for the quality of our practice. 
– Alan Feldstein, CPA, NY