Peer Review

Responding to the needs of those members who are required to undergo a peer review, in 1987 ncCPAp developed the Peer Review Committee . ncCPAp’s Peer Review Committee is available to our members across the country to help with any of our members peer review issues.

Our Association Information Form (AIF) has been approved by the AICPA National Peer Review Committee. Annual approval of our AIF allows members of ncCPAp to help member firms with their peer reviews of any member firm enrolled in the AICPA Peer Review Program or any state sponsored program.

As state regulations change from time to time, ncCPAp members should consult with their State Board(s) to determine the state requirements in which their firm is licensed. Our program is independent of the AICPA and is not overseen by the AICPA. However, many ncCPAp members who are also members of the AICPA must have their firm’s peer review administered by an organization that is not independent of and is over sighted by the AICPA (generally a state society of CPAs) so that their AICPA membership requirements are met as well.

NCCPAP is no longer acting as a Sponsoring Organization.